Summer 2016. A 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck central Italy, causing almost 300 deaths and 6.000 displaced. In october the earth shaked again, and the number of displaced people rose to more than 40.000. 

A month after the first quake, I looked at the scars left on the landscape, as well as those left on people, psychologically and emotionally. 

Their daily life in pretty isolated mountain villages had suddenly been disrupted, while the hotels on the turistic coast of Marche, between the towns of San Benedetto del Tronto and Civitanova, became their new-yet temporary- homes.  Entire villages entered hotels and populated them, giving them life, though there was a strange atmosphere, tense and dense of sorrow, regret, anger and anxiety. Anxiety for the present and for what the future would bring, what politics would do.  The mind can hardly think of a good strategy in these circumstances; I saw and felt people were in a kind of limbo in all senses, their eyes dazed as if they hadn’t slept since the first earthquake happened.