2017- Voices of Refugee Journalists

In the context of the Refugee Journalism Project, a mentorship programm offered to a number of journalists now living in the UK as refugees, I worked with three participants on the presented video. Asked to answer to the question of “What is journalism in the context of your life?”, they wrote a personal text, each sharing personal stories from past experiences, but also their current ambitions and professional aims.
From Palestine to Bangladesh to Syria, we can have a taste of what it means to become refugee specifically for the profession these people decided to invest their lives on. All around the world, journalists are experiencing high levels of censorship, and the fight for freedom of expression is with no doubt still a present and urgent topic.
This video was possible thanks to the support of Migrant Resource Network and London College of Communication(UAL).




2016 – Jurij Kein

Jurij Kein is an instrumental music project of Milan based Yuri Basilicò.  Between Sicily, where his roots are, and London, I shot and co-edited his music videos. Here is a preview, but check his Youtube channel to see more and support: