Sara Furlanetto is a 27 year old documentary photographer, published in the British Journal of Photography, Positive Magazine, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Touring Club Italiano, Gazzetta dello Sport, CN Traveller, Marieclaire, Montagnatv, The Pill Magazine, TheSubmarine and many more.  

Sara graduated with a degree in Photojournalism & Documentary Photography from the London College of Communication in 2016.  Between 2015-2016, pushed by the will of giving a more human perspective on the topic of refugees coming to Europe, Sara travelled between the UK, France, Germany and Italy to meet asylum seekers in the most diverse contexts, developing a personal reportage. She eventually self produced a book “Let me tell you who I am”, and her project was featured on BJP and LensCulture, as well as it was exhibited at Ian Parry Scholarship Awards and Bold for Change exhibition at Adam&Eve in 2016. With this project, the same year, Sara was invited to participate to the Common Action Forum held in Madrid, along with many activists and politicias from around Europe.

After the earthquake that destroyed a wide mountain area of central Italy in 2016, Sara travelled in some of the most affected villages, to document the aftermath.  From late 2016 Sara is back to Italy. In 2017 she started a collaboration with the creative agency Otium, working on both cultural, corporate, and adv works. At the same time, she worked on a joint multimedia project with the English NGO Migrant Resource Network and the London College of Communication (UAL). 

Sara in co-founder of the experimental project Va’ Sentiero, launched in 2019 thanks to a successfull crowdfunding campaign. She’s part of a team of 8 hiking the longest mountain trail in the world, the Great Italian Trail, which crosses all Italian mountain chains and is still largely unknown. Sara is the main photographer of the team and Va’ Sentiero communication manager.  The aim of the project is to promote mountain culture through an immersive approach, collecting material and documenting the state of the mountains under a wide perspective: the environment, mountain economy, tradition and innovation. The expedition is now approaching its end in the South of Italy.  
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Va’ Sentiero expedition has now become a tv-serie, produced by LaEffe, distributed by Sky and available on-demand on NowTv. 




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Voci dalle Terre Alte – Va’ Sentiero, April 2020

Let me tell you who I am – selfpublished, May 2016 




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2017 Bold for change at Adam&eve, London, UK

2017 Beyond borders at the London College of Communication, UK

2017 Antico Borgo di Villa Emo, TV, Italy

2016 Ian Parry Scholarship Awards at Downstairs at Mother, London, UK

2016 Common Action Forum at Hotel Wellington, Madrid, Spain

2016 Graduation exhibition at London College of Communication, UK

2016 Spazio Zephiro, Castelfranco Veneto, Italy